A Slice of the Pie May 07

Photos are now up here


sliceofthepiemay0708 (by Matt Murtagh)

Los Crocadilos

sliceofthepiemay0727 (by Matt Murtagh)

Drunken Gypsies

sliceofthepiemay0723 (by Matt Murtagh)


The Brascoes

Debut gig from the brascoes, thats right debut, so the’re going to be ones to watch in a few months time.

Dan ‘the risk’ Jones: Vox, Guitars
Nove: Guitars
Jonny Lightening: Bass, Guitars, Vox
Fernando Cheesestick: Drums

Listen to the full set here : Piecast 2


Mechanimal & Kramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Godzilla

The mechanimal teamed up with Kramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Godzilla for this unique set that blends everything from hip-hop, to metal, to the beachboys, drenched under a shower of heavy dance beats.

So here it is Piecast 1 download, or if you’re curious, perhaps, just have a listen.

If you’re wondering what the fuck all this was about and you’re still thristing for more check out Brainsodomy recordings, who do free downloads of this sort of thing.

Drunken Gypsies

A twisted jam band from the streets of Birmingham, the backbone, spine and fingers of a slice of the pie. The only act save Dj Limb to have played every pie in some form or other, not that thats something to boast about. Richard Shaw on the microphone, Tom laying down the pace, Liam, Dan and Chris on the six strings, Pete M on the bass, Pete N on the sax and myself on the buffalo skins.

Check out this old band site for some woefully out of date information, and downloads of old material. And also theres the myspace page and more videos on my youtube site.