Gig Listings

Always the 1st Sunday of the month at:

The King Edward Inn
275 Corporation Street
Birmingham, B4 7DP

 For up to the minute listings check the blog on our myspace page.

3rd June :

Bestatigt Werden / Cairde /Dead Letter Office / Drunken Gypsies

Bestatigt Werden are a heavy instrumental rock outfit trying out a new softer acoustic side. Cairde are a tradional irish band, a firm favourite of the irish community of Digbeth, playing all the old jigs and reels with astonishing musicianship. “Dead Letter Office are a triumph; an intense blend of Pixies/Joy Division fractured guitars, breath-taking and delicate Radiohead/Muse tinged anthems and an awe-inspiring sense of drama. Epic and life affirming music.” (according to the fly) Their debut album is out, you can order it here. I thought they were good the first time I put them on, sometime last year, but since then they’ve got a hell of a lot better, one of the few bands who I’d like to see get really big, if only because they’d be brilliant playing to a festival crowd at sunset.

1st July :

ZOMBIES OF SKA / Relay / Old School Tie / Drunken Gypsies

5th August

The Filmore Gears / The New Jerusalem / Drunken Gypsies / Gemma Quarterman

2nd September

NOTHING BOOKED Planning on either making a hip hop or reggae themed night depending on the strength and willingness of Birminghams hip hop / reggae artists

7th October ROCK NIGHT

Jazz Thrash Assassins (provisionally) /killin’ zoe / Supanaut / Drunken Gypsies

3 responses to “Gig Listings

  1. should be comin to the 5th. heard good things about the filmore gears

  2. I think their drummers quality, one of those bands that should do well.

  3. checked them out today. I’m converted. Very good stuff.

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