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Slaine Vs. The Bobster

Tag team from Slice of the Pies hardest working Drum and Bass contingent. Containing two of Slaines own productions, his pressure drop remix and 15 pounds, instant classics within the pie circle at least. Slaine is the only pie artist to truly realise his talent and consistantly punch above his weight, his myspace has to be checked out by any drum and bass head.

and Bobster is a man who lives and breathes drum and bass, a follower since the dawning of Jungle, Bob is a familiar face to anyone who knows the Birmingham scene, a skilled and eclectic dj who can be found every Thursday at OC’s running Uprising with DJs Slaine and Slyde.

Piecast 4: The Bobster Vs. Slaine

Mechanimal & Kramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Godzilla

The mechanimal teamed up with Kramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Godzilla for this unique set that blends everything from hip-hop, to metal, to the beachboys, drenched under a shower of heavy dance beats.

So here it is Piecast 1 download, or if you’re curious, perhaps, just have a listen.

If you’re wondering what the fuck all this was about and you’re still thristing for more check out Brainsodomy recordings, who do free downloads of this sort of thing.