A Slice of the Pie

 This site is for hosting music and photos from a night that we promote at the king Edward, first Sunday of the month.

The King Edward Inn
275 Corporation Street
Birmingham, B4 7DP
Its hard to find, so here’s a map.

At the night its common to see this kind of thing:


and on the odd occasion this has been known to occur:

Its called a slice of the pie

I’ve never understood why its called that, I think its a terrible name. Apparently its got a deep meaning about each person getting their slice or something. Or maybe its to do with pie charts or pi or, I don’t know. I know that there’s an expression called Piece of the Pie and a Jimmy Cliff song about it, but that’s shite too.

I like Jimmy Cliff, I like reggae music, in fact I’m a reggae dj,

My Brother Matt likes Cameras

Him and me are going to collaborate on this blog, you can probably tell our different writing styles in that, he makes sense, is grammatically correct and can spell.

A few things have been bothering that little nut inside my head I like to call my brain. So I think I’ll make them clear here.

1) A slice of the pie is not me alone, in no particular order, its me, Matt the photographer, all members of the drunken gypsies, Djs H and Atom Bob certainly, Dan and Paul our artists and graphics people, and Eve our money person, and sort of Red Root aswell.

2) all opinions on this page are not necessarily mine, or anyones really. These are not reviews. For instance if I am describing a band I am seeing them in a way that perhaps only their mothers would. That being said I do genuinely love a lot of the music that we put on. Or if not love it, certainly prefer it to the stuff everyone else puts on.

3) A lot of the time I/we put stuff on purely because its different to any of the stuff we’ve had on before. This is the idea of the pie, its meant to change and be surprising and inclusive. Our heroes are Glastonbury and John Peel and all true music loving eclecticists. (if thats a word)

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